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Production Line 

  1. Fastest emerging glass processing enterprise with extensive experience in the production, processing and trade of glass 

  2. Fully automated production line controlled by a highly sophisticated and customized ERP Systems from production control to web based real time ordering 

  3. Having one of the best equipment›s and machinery for highest performance 

  4. One-stop-shop for all Glass requirements with high emphasis on world class quality, backed by research and testified by leading clients for products and service 

Glass Sheet Inspection & Unloading 

Capable to unload 6 tons or more lose sheets using our cranes 

Washing Machine (Lisec) 

A machine From Lisec, Austria with capability to do low-e and triple silver glasses 
Size 2500x4880 mm 
Thickness 4 to 19 mm 
7000 lm / 8 hrs 

CNC Cutting Machine 

From Lisec, Austria with edge deletion facility & scanning ability 
No. of sheets 8/ 200 hrs shift 
Max. Glass size it can lift 3300x6100 mm 
Thickness 3 to 19 mm 

Tempering Line
(RC Series) 

From Glaston, Finland equipped with top & bottom convection with ability to process low emissivity and triple silver glasses 
Size Flat Glass 2440x4880 mm 
4 to 19 mm of glass 
Volume 1600sqm/10h 

Pre- processing Line 

An automatic pre- processing line integrated with cutting having both double edgers and seamers 
Size 2000x4200 mm 
Thickness 4to19mm 
6000 lm / 8 hrs 

Insulated Glass Line 

From Lisec, Austria with integrated robotic sealing and online gas filling with ability to do stepped units 
Size 2440x4880 mm 
Thickness Up to 40 mm 
800 sq m in 8 hrs 

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